A message from The Director

Thank you for trusting the therapy team at Family Connections Sydney with assessing and supporting your child’s learning and development. We endeavour to provide the very best therapy service to every family. If you experience any problems or have any questions, please bring them to our attention. We welcome the opportunity to support your family and look forward to getting to know you and your child.”

What we offer

At Family Connections Sydney the following services are delivered by our experienced therapists:

  • Functional Assessments
  • Interactive Metronome
  • Individual sessions
  • Safe and Sound Protocol
  • Group sessions (when suitable)
  • Integrated Listening System
  • Social Skills Groups
  • SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions)
  • Behaviour Support (& Behaviour Support Plans)
  • School observations and in-school support
  • Pre-school screening
  • In clinic & In Home Therapy Assistant Support

Our therapists are more than happy to answer any questions or attend to any requests you have so please let them know before or after the session.


When testing positive or being exposed to COVID-19, the NSW Government strongly recommends “avoiding high risk settings for at least 7 days”. Please be mindful of the vulnerable children that attend our clinic including infants and those with compromised immune systems. Instead, call the office to discuss cancelling your appointment. 

For the safety of our clients and staff, and to ensure continuity of services we ask that you follow our conditions of entry below: 

Exposed to COVID-19 – Please take a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on the day of the appointment. If the test is NEGATIVE your child can attend therapy provided, they have no acute symptoms.  

Please do not attend the clinic if either you or a member of your family is unwell with any type of respiratory, viral symptoms or have tested positive to COVID-19.  Please cancel the appointment and only return to the clinic 24hrs hours after acute symptoms have resolved, they are feeling healthy and have enough physical energy to participate in therapy.  

Acute symptoms include flu-like symptoms, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, diarrhoea, vomiting/nausea and fatigue. 

If you have tested positive to COVID-19 but are not experiencing acute symptoms, we recommend returning to the clinic 7 days from when you tested positive. 

For all visitors to the clinic, upon arrival: 

  • Please apply hand sanitiser 
  • Masks are provided on entry (we may recommend wearing at times of increased risk.) 

As an extra level of protection our clinic is routinely sprayed with Zoono® Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser in addition to our regular COVID cleaning schedule. For more information on Zoono®, please visit www.zoono.com.au.  When there is an increased spread of viruses in the community (especially during the cooler winter months), we strongly encourage that children wear masks during the sessions however, we understand this may not be possible for all children. Our therapists will continue to wear PPE when required. Please keep in mind that the risk of infection and isolation is greatly reduced when all parties are wearing masks. We will continue taking all the necessary precautions at Family Connections Sydney. However, we do require your cooperation as it is important that we all observe the COVID safe plan that we have in place.

Professional Development & Learning

Family Connections is a teaching practice. This means we often have occupational therapy students completing their practical placements in the clinic. As part of their placement, they may need to demonstrate competency in running a therapy session. Children often enjoy students, as an extra “playmate” in the session, however if you are not comfortable with having a student involved in therapy, please let the Family Connections team know. Video CCTV with audio does continually operate and record in our premises for the purpose of Training and Development of our staff and students. Please talk to your Occupational Therapist should you choose for this to be turned off during your appointment.

NDIS Goals and Service Agreements

 A copy of your NDIS goals and a signed Service Agreement is a minimum requirement for all NDIS funded clients prior to starting therapy.

For clients who are NDIA Managed, we ask that you also call the NDIA on 1800 800 110 to endorse Family Connections Sydney as a ‘preferred provider’.  This will help to have our invoices paid promptly.

Plan Managed participants are asked to approve payment requests promptly with their Plan Manager to facilitate payment of our invoices.

Self Managed participants  will need to submit claims as soon as possible to ensure that payment of their invoice is made prior to their next appointment.


Fees and payment

Payment is expected at the time of your appointment. Payments can be made at Reception by EFTPOS or via a SMS link from Tyro Health that you will receive following your appointment. For NDIS Self-Managed clients, we request payment at the time of service. Payment requests for NDIS Managed & Plan Managed clients will be processed against our Service Booking in accordance with NDIS guidelines.

Therapy fees are charged on an hourly rate for therapist time and may include time spent:

  • in clinic appointments;  
  • writing of detailed reports;  
  • school or home visits including return travel;  
  • parent training and/or parent feedback meetings delivered in clinic or via telehealth;  
  • extended phone meetings or correspondence (non-face to face);  

Due to the additional administration for our team, late payment fees of $8 will be charged to invoices not paid within 7 days. This fee is not claimable via NDIS, Medicare or Private Health Insurance and is an out of pocket expense.


Parking is available in our driveway. Our street can be very busy at times so please feel free to park behind another car already parked in the driveway.

For the safety of staff, parents and children we have implemented the following procedures:

1. When parking in our driveway we require your car to be placed in Park with the handbrake on and engine turned off.

2. Children need to be brought to and picked up from either the Ocean Room or Reception area. It is the responsibility of the parent to safely escort their child to and from their car. If this is your first visit to our clinic please make your way to our Reception area.

3. Please ensure you arrive and collect your child on time. Your supervision is essential to ensure your child’s safety and to avoid any potential damage caused to surrounding vehicles.

To eliminate risks in the driveway, therapists have been instructed to remain inside the clinic. Should you need to speak with them on arrival or departure you can do so in the clinic, however conversations in the driveway are not permitted.

Should you need to speak with your therapist we recommend you attend your child’s therapy session or alternatively email or ask your therapist to call you at a more convenient time.

In the warmer months, if you are waiting in your car outside and need to run the air conditioning, we require you to park on the street instead of in our driveway as the noise is distracting for clients.


We appreciate your understanding and co-operation as we mitigate the risks for the safety of us all. 

Attendance & Cancellation

We try our best to match appointment times with both your therapist and your family’s availability. As appointments are usually set on a weekly basis, it is necessary that you make every effort to attend as scheduled. Please be mindful that unless we have adequate notice, we may be unable to fill your appointment if you need to cancel. We do have other families on a waiting list for regular appointment times and should repeated cancellations occur we may need to offer your appointment time to another family. We understand that families may book holidays within school terms, children or parents may become ill or other unavoidable events may happen. As a courtesy to our clinicians and waitlisted clients we kindly ask for 7 clear days’ notice (where possible) if you need to cancel your appointment.

Early Notification of Cancellation – No fee

  • Advice of cancellation provided 7 clear days prior to the scheduled appointment will NOT incur a cancellation fee.
  • To cancel an appointment, please call 9543 6902 or email office@familyconnections.com.au.

Late Notification of Cancellation

  • Any cancellation that is not received 7 clear days prior to your appointment, OR failure to attend a scheduled appointment will incur a charge of 100% of the full session fee.
  • All cancellation fees are to be paid prior to the provision of any further services.

Scheduled holidays

  • Notice of scheduled holidays should be given to Family Connections Sydney as soon as holidays are booked (min 2 weeks notice). This will allow us to fill in your appointment for the period of your absence.


Our Cancellation Policy and any fees incurred are allowed for under the NDIS Pricing Arrangements. Any cancellation fee not covered under your individual funding arrangements will need to be paid personally by the family.

To Ensure Best Outcomes

As part of our provider registration with the NDIS, we are required to provide therapy services that are comprehensive and collaborative in nature and are aligned with the client’s NDIS goals. A clients NDIS funding should be directed towards increasing the functional capacity of individuals and must represent value for money relative to the outcomes achieved. Parent/Carer involvement in therapy planning and review is required to design individual therapy plans, and identify the best strategies and tools to match your child’s needs. 

To support optimal outcomes, we would like to explain the roles that therapists and families need to play during the intervention period.

Parent and Carer Role

Parents play a crucial role in their child’s development and intervention. They provide essential information during the assessment, evaluation, and goal setting process. During the intervention phase parents need to be actively involved by participating in therapy sessions and making every effort to follow the strategies and recommendations provided by their therapist. This helps to reinforce our strategies and transition the newly acquired skills into the home and community environment. For therapy to represent value for money, be effective and beneficial it is essential for parents to make every effort to understand the underlying reasons for their child’s difficulties. It is important for parents to have a clear understanding of the information that is provided by their child’s therapist and to communicate openly if at any time they require clarification. We recommend using the in-clinic therapy time wisely to build on your own skills, understanding and confidence that will inevitably be needed when your child takes a break from therapy. It is our experience that the very best outcomes are achieved where there is collaboration between the therapist and the role of the family and carers.

Therapist Role

At Family Connections Sydney, your child’s therapist is the coach and guide in the relationship. This role is to assess and evaluate the child’s needs in the context of school or childcare, family, and community life. The therapist will develop a therapy program that will align with your child’s goals and consider the needs of the family. This may include in-clinic sessions, school or childcare observation and support, and working collaboratively with families to provide guidance and strategies necessary to support the development and maintenance of skills outside of the therapy room. We encourage parents to attend in-clinic sessions and actively participate in their child’s therapy program.

It is to be expected that all children will eventually move on from the child/therapist relationship. It is therefore critical that all parents take the opportunity to gain understanding, expertise, and the necessary skills to support their child in the home environment.

Additional Information

Please find below links to important information. We recommend saving these links for quick access in the future.

Client Charter (Client Rights & Responsibilities)
Compliments, complaints & Feedback

We look forward to working in partnership with you to achieve positive outcomes for your child and your family.