Tegan Bradley

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Tegan joined Family Connections at the beginning of 2023 as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. She is currently studying a Bachelor’s of Occupational Therapy at Western Sydney University.

Prior to this, Tegan had completed a Psychology Undergraduate Degree in 2018 and began working as a Disability Support Worker from 2019. Throughout these four years, Tegan gained experience and knowledge by working alongside several Occupational Therapists and other Allied Health Professionals. These experiences lead Tegan to uncover her passion and commitment to supporting children and adolescents with disabilities, particularly through the use of Occupational Therapy services. During this time, Tegan worked directly with clients with conditions such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD, Anxiety-related disorders, complex trauma, Global Developmental Delay and Dyspraxia.

Currently, Tegan works collaboratively with our Occupational Therapists, providing services to clients outside of the clinic, at schools, daycare and via home visits.

Tegan values the development of skills, self-esteem and confidence for her clients. She values collaborative practice and open communication to ensure the client receives the best possible outcomes. Personally, Tegan values professional development to further improve her skills, knowledge and understanding within the field of Occupational Therapy.


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Occupational Therapy Assistant