Occupational Therapy Group Sessions

Occupational Therapy Group Sessions

Family Connections Sydney facilitates regular social skills groups for children of all ages. Social skills groups are beneficial for children/adolescents who lack confidence, have difficulties fitting into social settings, reading cues and interacting with their peers.

Developed social skills are necessary in order to effectively create and maintain relationships. Specific skills might include things like initiating conversations, making friends, having good sportsmanship, and handling bullying effectively. Social skills are one of the most important “life skills” children and adolescents develop and are a strong predictor of future success including job attainment, independence, and emotional well-being. Social adaptation also assists children in being able to observe, problem solve and respond in social situations.

We offer a range of group programs available for clients of all ages including social skills, school readiness, life skills and emotional regulation. The groups are formed to ensure they are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Some of these run during term time and some in the school holidays.

Groups are run on a needs basis so please contact our office to register your interest at 02 9543 6902 or office@familyconnections.com.au.

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