Family Connections Sydney

is a multi-disciplinary group of professionals dedicated to providing high quality services to children and their families.

While working with children’s learning difficulties, sensory processing disorders, autism and other developmental disorders, we recognise the family’s contribution to a child’s learning and development.

We believe that by helping parents understand their child’s strengths and challenges, they are able to more effectively support their child to develop skills, increase self esteem and build their confidence as individuals, as part of the family and also as part of their peer group..


We offer high-quality services provided by well-trained therapists.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Our therapists carefully assess the client’s strengths, abilities and difficulties in performing their life roles.

RDI® Program

A family-centred, developmental program which offers remediation of autism and other disorders.

Parental Workshops

Workshop for parents and caregivers of children and teenagers with learning difficulties.

Social Skills Groups

We aim to facilitate social interaction and friendships
with our Friends Program: Helping kids connect.

Professional training

We offer a range of training services for
health professionals and education professionals.


Community Events, Services & the Center
(Please note, children photographed for our website are not Family Connections Sydney clients.)